Step 7.

Right, you may have noticed on this blog and on Gruffgoat's Football Blog, that I have more than just Adsense ads up and running.

So you want to know how I got hooked up with global brands like Adidas, World Soccer, EuroSport, Four Four Two Magazine, TicketMaster, and so on? Be ready to use some elbow grease folks, because this gets to be a bit like work.

First of all, the decision for these guys to let you list their ads is not automatic, so you really do have to have good content. But to get these ads set up, you may need to put down your pen for a while and roll up your sleeves.

It took me about three weeks to get all of the ad partners that I wanted set up and listed on my blog. With the benefit of this post, hopefully it won't take you quite that long.

I decided to try running ads as an affiliate. Basically that means that I earn a commission off of anything a shopper buys, IF they click through to the shopping website from an ad on my site and IF they end up buying something! Those are two very big IFs!

There are some firms, such as Ticketmaster, who run their own affiliate program, but most farm it out to an affiliate clearinghouse to manage the sign-ups, the tracking, the links, and so on.

The two affiliate partners I use are:

Affiliate Future
Commission Junction

You will have to spend some time in this process, but this is a big step to getting your site looking the way you want it, placing their ads, and then getting back to the fun part - Writing for Dollars!

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