Step 6.

So here we are, six steps in, and you're finally starting to talk turkey? If I were to break down the "How to Write for Dollars" blog in to "How to Advertise my Blog", then this would be Step 1! I'm not sure if that's a consolation prize for you or not, but nonetheless, you have to march from Step 1 to Step 5 before you can offer any one anything even remotely compelling.

The first ad program that I tried with, was definitely the road most was also the road most accessible! And when you're just starting out, seeing the road in front is a big big plus!

If you are using blogger per my suggestion in Step 2, then you will see that it is already tightly integrated through the Layout tool with Google Adsense!

But not so fast, make sure that you have signed up for a Google Adsense account at:

You will get a unique id that will be associated with your Google account and this id will provide the tracking that Google needs to ensure they are counting the clicks write and paying you accordingly!

An important rule you should know about - you sneaky little rascal - is that you can't click on your own ads to generate revenue (not that you would of course ;-)

Get those adsense ads set up and working!

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