Step 5.

Congratulations! With several posts on your blog, you're starting to get in to a rhythm. You are building some read-worthy content!

I was a bit fortunate in that I had been writing about soccer and participating in discussion forums for a couple of years before I started my money making blog, In fact, my pseudonym, gruffgoat, is an old handle from one of my favorite news aggregators,

What this meant for the creation of my football blog was that I was able to ramp up a lot of material in a short amount of time. So with that confidence, I set out discovering the secret of search engines.

Search engines are inescapable creatures - if the internet is your body, then search engines are a your neurons, processing requests for information from your brain to your toenails, and at lightening speed.

They are ubiquitous and they are at the core of the internet's biggest players, Google and Yahoo, while other tech giants, such as Microsoft have done their best to grab a piece of this vital pie.

When you want information on the internet, if you are like most people in the world, your first stop is Google. And most likely, you're reading this post to learn how to get your new blog to show up in any search for the knowledge you're sharing!

Sound scary? Well, it's not...not by a long shot. Submitting your sites maybe is the easiest step we'll encounter in the journey to making money.

Simply have your URL ready and some key words and follow these links:
Google URL Submit
Yahoo Search Submit

Sure there are more out there, but I'm just telling you what's worked for I learned you have to be patient, the technologies are not immediate...and you must understand that listing is a long way from showing up at the top of the heap. I'm not there yet with Gruffgoat's Football Blog, but I've shared what I'm doing to drive up my readership numbers in Step 9, "How to Get People to Read Your Blog."

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