I just published a piece on the potential expansion of the MLS in to the Atlanta market called, "Can Atlanta Support an MLS Franchise?" which I think is both topical and interesting and could drive some traffic to Gruffgoat's Football Blog.

For these first fourteen days, I've been submitting my own pieces to digg and other social networking sites, but I want to let this one sit on my site for a day or two to see if anyone thinks it "diggworthy".

Also, views seem to be pretty steady at around 35 per day; which is still quite low, but I'm ok with that for now. I've had a total of 329 unique visitors so far with 1,340 pageviews.

Interestingly enough, my most popular article so far has been about the collision between Turkey's Ayhan Akman and Germany's Simon Rolfes. Both players needed medical treatment on the sideline - Akman actually got his head stapled shut before returning to the pitch - I guess that kind of grit and determination has broad appeal!

I'm going to keep Gruffgoat's Football Blog as a blend of news interest stories, local Atlanta interest stories, and commentary...with that backdrop, I have 63 posts and counting - I'm thinking about enlisting some help; particularly for the local Atlanta interest stories...I just don't have the arms and legs to do all of it, but still want Gruffgoat's Football Blog to be a key soccer resource with broad reach.

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