Step 4.

Stop what you’re doing and write. That’s right. Write.

I promise this is not a cop out step to frustrate you. This step is meant to remind you why you’re here in the first place. I’ve been there and I know you’re getting excited. You want to get your whiz bang blog up and running, you want to share your knowledge, and you want to start making some extra money.

No doubt you’ve followed Step 3 and picked a new template and boy it looks good. But guess what – you can’t have white space in your blog posts. But it’s more than just filling white space; you need to make sure your material is good. And by good I mean timely, well written, and interesting!

So don’t worry about anything else now except writing. Shoot for five to seven solid posts before you even bother with Step 5, listing on search engines.

Now put pen to paper and spread some knowledge!

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