Step 2:

As I began to ponder the possibility of writing about the sport I love, I asked myself that very question, "now where do I begin?"

No doubt you have reviewed my post on content, and have your idea ready to go.

The first step is to chose your medium. I knew about Google's "blogger" program and knew that to get started, it would cost me exactly ZERO dollars! That's right, to get a blog started on Google blogger, you pay nothing. Zip, zilch, nada.

If for future branding purposes you want to move your content to a new domain, you certainly can, but again, I was thinking speed to market. Period. How fast can I get my content out there.

Within the first week of starting Gruffgoat's Football Blog, I was finding myself at the top of Google searches for World Soccer stories and was averaging 100 impressions a day.

I'm fairly technologically savvy, but an XML programmer I am not. This program is a great way to start getting your content pages out of your head, and in to cyberspace.

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