Step 1:

So if these posts are to be considered a road map for success, then the first, most vital step, is to figure out what it is that you can write authoritatively about. Then figure out if you can write about it a lot. I mean...a whole lot. Is there enough there to sustain an audience with a billion choices at their collective fingertips?

This will be your CONTENT. Content is bold for a reason. On the internet, a blog, website, newsroom, discussion forum, whatever, is nothing without useful content.

Content keeps people coming back for more and more, convinces people to try the products you're selling, encourages them to talk about your site with their like minded friends, and so on.

My love, my content is football (or soccer if you're reading this from the United States). So my goal, is to make money writing about soccer.

That being said, I also love making money. So why not share my journey to share my passion of football, with those who share my passion of making money! Ergo, the blog you have before you!

Chances are you know what you want to write about, so go ahead and move on to Step 2.

Welcome, Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, Step 4, Step 5, Step 6, Step 7, Step 8, Step 9, Step 10

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