My Gruffgoat's Football Blog hits are steadily increasing (so is the How to Write for Dollars Blog incidentally) and I believe I can contribute the steady rise to a couple of factors I'll call "Guerrilla Marketing."

1. I have Gruffgoat's Football Blog listed on several soccer specific feed aggregators and blog lists such as,, and These guys pick up every new post I write and as a result I seem to be growing a few loyal readers via their referrals!

2. I have created my own page of Gruffgoat's Friends where I can link to my favorite soccer blogs or sites in exchange for these folks linking back to me. I also created a cool "link back" button that people can put on their site. I want to be somewhat discerning here though and not just link to anybody under the sun - so I've asked for site owners to send me a request first. I've even linked to sites without reciprocation if I've found that they have good unique content, are useful, or that have showcased my writing.

3. In addition to posting current content of my own, I've been hitting a few regular sites and adding my own comments. I'm not talking about innocuous "nice site" or "good article" comments either, I want to leave something thoughtful behind. I think this is also adding credibility to Gruffgoat's Football Blog.

My next step is to actually start some targeted marketing. I have over 70 posts on Gruffgoat and now it's time to start pointing friends, family, colleagues with an interest in soccer, etc. to the site. This is only risky if you're filling your posts with crap, after all you're going to actually see these people! But if your stuff is good - there is a good chance they'll not only start reading, but they will share with others outside of your network.

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